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Extend the
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Control the
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Telemetry and remote control

Our system continuosly monitors and tracks your pump station. You can follow up its proper or incorrect functioning on your mobile from your home, from the field or from your office.

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Optimization and money savings

At Ingran we are specialized in studying the collected data looking for money saving through the optimization of the pump station.

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An affordable price

Our highest priority is to save money on the pumping so we reduced the monitoring prices by more than 50%. We want to reach all those pumps that couldn’t afford the costs of monitoring.

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Telemetry and Remote Control

With the sensors you already have

We always try to use the sensors already installed in the pump station. We get from them the signal and we take it to the Internet.

Real time data

You will be able to control from your mobile the most significant data of the pumps. In the computer you will manage the graphics with the historic data: power consumption, water flows, pressure, etc.

Control the pump from your mobile

Check the status of the pump when you get an alert on your mobile. You will be able to stop or reset the pump station with a simple click.

Optimization and saving


The sensors you have in the pumping house already run a continuous measurement.

However, you face two problems:
1. You are not all the time in the pumping house to see whats going on.
2. It is not easy to keep a record of all the parameters to see the evolution over time.

Our system allows analogical and digital inputs to get all the data from those sensors you already have or from those you could install in the future.


By using GPRS/3G technology, we upload to our servers all the data of the pump station every 10 seconds. From there, in a save way, we show them to you on your mobile or computer.


A team of engineers analyses the collected data looking for optimization.

We monthly report you about the evolution of the pump station and about possible savings you might have.

When the pumps suffer a breakdown, analysing the historic data we are able to tell you what really happened, which is the best solution and how you could avoid future failures.


Our alert system will warn you of any irregularity in you pump station: low/high pressure, harmonics detection, deposit level. etc. The alerts are 100% configurable depending on the necessities of your installation.

Our algorithms improve the following measurements and allow you to do more with less..


Removing the huge operator panel

Some years ago a monitoring system implied the installation of a big control panel which showed all the data.

Our portable control panel is your mobile on your hand.

We use the sensor you already have

If your sensores already work well, then why should we change them?

Ingran uses the 4-20mA, Modbus or RS485 signal of your sensors.

An easy maintenance

Our main purpose is to save the customer money. That’s why we simplified and cheapen the maintenance process of our hardware and software.


Pump monitoring system


Deposit and reservoir monitoring system


Water level sensor for wells

Where are we working

We are continuously growing throughout the Spanish territories, with an international vocation.

  • Alcázar de San Juan
  • Alicante
  • Almería
  • Aranda de Duero
  • Madrid
  • Marbella
  • Sevilla
  • Valencia